UNIVERSEH Extended for Ukraine

The aim of the UNIVERSEH Extended for Ukraine project is to include Ukrainian partner universities in the activities of the UNIVERSEH European University alliance and to strengthen existing cooperation in the New Space area, with particular emphasis on improving the competences, mobility and multilingualism of students. The Space Technology Center (CTK) of AGH, will be responsible for the implementation of the tasks. 

The proposed activities are part of the mission of the UNIVERSEH partnership of European Universities: creating a common European university offering access to the latest knowledge in the field of space technologies. Students of the UNIVERSEH alliance will be invited to participate in the project in collaboration with two ukrainian Universities: Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas and Precarpathian National University of Vasyl Stefanyk in Ivano-Frankivsk.

As part of the alliance, in the project planned for 2023, the European Space University for Earth and Humanity is planning the scope of financial support for project activities related to the forms organized under the above-mentioned alliance, included:

  • organizing the exchange of students, doctoral students and employees of the institution;
  • participation in study visits, internships, summer/winter schools, seminars, workshops, training courses or intensive courses;
  • active participation in conferences;
  • development of modern teaching materials;
  • development or preparation of new and innovative teaching tools and methods;
  • development of a quality management system to improve the quality of education and research;
  • conducting joint research and development works;
  • preparation of joint scientific publications;
  • networking and establishing cooperation between Ukrainian universities and members of alliances;

The implementation of the project will bring benefits to all parties involved in its implementation, both at the level of the individual and the organization. A varied program will enable students to develop soft skills (intercultural communication, networking, cooperation in an international environment, improving qualifications, language) and hard one (gaining new knowledge in the field of space, knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship) and participation in events organized by the UNIVERSEH partnership.

For the partners of the UNIVERSEH alliance as an organization, the project will be an opportunity to extend the sustainability of the project, attract new partners for further initiatives at the European level and implement the project's assumptions aimed at ensuring equality in access to science.

For Ukrainian organisations the benefit will be primarily access to the knowledge of modern space technologies and their potential use in business and education.

Project is founded by National Agency for Academic Exchange in a period of February – December 2023.